The EMX-525

The goal for the EMX-525 was to build the ultimate race bike, with the technology currently available.  We did this by combining Eddy's timeless principles, and today's leading engineering techniques.

A bike based on the latest bike engineering's insights

To give the EMX-525 its characteristic look, our engineers looked at nature’s principles and the latest evolution in bicycle design. Here's some of the features to watch: 

The oversized head tube, down tube, and fully integrated bottom bracket are at the core of the bike's performance. They make the bike “one of the most responsive on the market”, as Bicycling Magazine wrote, as they allow for superior stiffness and speed.

The asymmetric chain stays and seat stays allow for a superior stability while the compact, rounded top tube follows the curvature of the world's fastest animals.

By establishing stability and ride characteristics as the main driving factor, Eddy Merckx Cycles has achieved its goal in making the best bike possible at this given time. It makes us confident in claiming that this is the best balanced bike in the world

A bike following on Eddy’s principles

Designing this bike would not have been possible without the inspiration and guidance from our founder and "boss," Eddy. From Eddy, our engineers learned the crucial insights of “Power Under Control”, our guiding vision. It had led us to go against the stream in terms of weight, towards a bicycle that we believe is the world’s best balanced bike.

People are blinded by weight,” Eddy says. And indeed, while weight matters, the real differentiator is for a race bike getting at the finish line first. This pragmatic approach to speed can never be seen separately from other features such as safety, stability, and stiffness. “You need to control your bike, not the other way around,” Eddy also says. And indeed, while it is essential to have a fast bike, it will get you nowhere when you miss a turn, crash against another bike, or worse.

Thanks to these and endless other insights from Eddy, the EMX-525 is worthy of the name on its down tube. The 525 is unique, being approved by the man who has dominated cycling like no one ever has done before or after him. Eddy’s guiding principles are the “raison d’etre” for Eddy Merckx Cycles, and when you acquire an Eddy Merckx EMX-525, you buy this unique, different, and extremely valuable asset that comes with it. 

To learn more about Eddy’s vision, watch this video.

A bike admired by the professionals

Professional reviews


  • "The EMX-525 is uncompromising and very fast. Buy it if you want to win races and stand out."
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  • "The EMX-525 is unashamedly top-end and unreservedly aimed at racers."
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  • "Could it be the ultimate race bike? It's certainly vying for that crown, make no mistake about it."
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